Thursday, May 24, 2018

Phé - Feel You

Following her impressive debut single "Incredible" that was released back in May 2016 and her 90s-inspired song of self-empowerment and growth titled "About Us", Vancouver-born, Los Angeles-based urban-pop/electronic R&B artist and Berklee College of Music graduate Phé (pronounced Fay) returns today with the release of her new single entitled "Feel You". Produced by Jaime Estalella, "Feel You" is smooth and refreshing combination of forward-thinking R&B and contemporary soul that further showcases her songwriting prowess as she sings: "We were the answers to the questions I was breathing / Now we're the questions I just can’t seem to believe in." Phé is currently working on her upcoming debut EP Crisis, which is slated for release later this year.

Listen to "Feel You" (her first song on Spotify) below.

"Feel You" is available now on iTunes.

Karolina Rose - Goodnight, Mr. Moon

Brooklyn-based Polish-American singer/songwriter Karolina Rose has just released her new single called "Goodnight, Mr. Moon", a mid-tempo electro-pop gem about exploring grief through dreams. The single also serves as the first song off her upcoming debut EP that was produced by multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning music producer and engineer Andros Rodriguez (Florence and The Machine, Madonna) and is expected to drop later this summer.

Speaking on the track, Karolina explains:

"There were a few inspirations for the song. The initial spark came from a conversation with my friend and visual artist, Heide Hatry, who occasionally runs some artist showcase nights in conjunction with her work. She asked me if I could write a song about death and perform it at her showcase (which I did at the end of last year). She told me her project 'Icons in Ash' all started with her dealing with the loss of her father. I felt her emotion that she would do anything to bring him back. He was cremated, so she took the ashes from his body and created a portrait of him in his utmost essence. She felt a lot of relief in having that portrait in her apartment. Her project caught on by word-of-mouth and before she knew it she was commissioned to make portraits of clients' deceased husbands, wives, sisters and even pets.

Fast forward, as soon as I left the concert in the LES here in New York where she and I had met up, I had the song coming to me in my head and was singing it as I was walking down the street. Initially, it was just 'How do I get you back? All the pieces in one. How do I get you back? All the pieces came undone.' I kept thinking about the theme of putting the pieces together to bring one's loved one back.

Further, I have suffered from nightmares for many years. I often have hallucinations when I sleep. I wake up and see things in my bedroom or projected onto the walls or something within my room takes a different shape and moves. It's frightening. The first verse of the song takes inspiration from one of my nightmares where I woke up and it literally looked as if the moon was projecting a spotlight onto my wall and it looked like a scene was playing out. It may sound magical, but it was quite frightening. I started coming up with the visualization of someone hallucinating in the middle of the night, bringing back their loved one by talking to the moon, and so the loved one becomes "Mr. Moon". She communicates with her lost love in the nighttime. She processes her grief in her dreams. She thinks it is totally real until the end of the song when she wakes up from the dream and knows that it's really time to say goodbye, indicated by the last lyrics: 'Goodnight, Mr. Moon', 'you gave a kiss of peace', 'sweet gentle release'. There's a climax to the song at the moment of awakening—that's when it picks up. If people listen through the entire song, it has a definitive journey that was quite intentional. I enjoy writing and performing all my songs on stage, but as far as my songs to listen to personally, 'Goodnight, Mr. Moon' is my favorite one.

There was an additional sidenote inspiration to the song where I was obsessed with Moon emojis at the time and sending them to my s.o. Imagining my s.o. passing away is a very frightening, emotional activity so it was not hard to tap into that feeling to finish the song. There were several rounds of writing this song. I would have lines come to me almost as a chant and that's all it would be. I also had a moment of staying at Coney Island until sunset, and I swear the moon was huge that night. As we walked off the beach onto the boardwalk, I saw the moon shining on the water, so I immediately wrote that line down in my phone, which is the opening line to the song and sets up the tone of the conversation with the Moon.

Listen to "Goodnight, Mr. Moon" below.

"Goodnight, Mr. Moon" is available now on iTunes.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Late Night Gems #62

1. ABIR - "Way Out"

2. Aria Wunderland (feat. Only 1 Theory) - "Super Fly"

3. Brezy - "Most Kings"

4. Caroline Kole - "Bad Actress"

5. Emily Burns - "Cheat"

6. KADO - "Garden State (City Of Churches)"

7. Kiki Ireland - "Nite and Day"

8. Maya Killtron - "Satin Sheets"

9. Warren (feat. Jay Dako) - "Dirt On My Name"

10. WENS - "Take"

Mina Rose - Paradise

Fresh from her recent appearances at last weekend's Great Escape Festival in Brighton, South London-based artist Mina Rose returns today with her new single called "Paradise", which also serves as a another taste following "Blind Man Dreams" to be taken from her forthcoming second EP, London Burning. With its dramatic strings, relentless beats and atmospheric culture-clash of sounds (and life experiences), "Paradise" is no doubt Mina Rose's most ambitious offering to date.

Speaking on the track, Mina says:

"When I visualise the idea of someone getting lost in their own thoughts, I imagine them sitting in a room with red walls. "Paradise' focuses on our want to make this life as perfect as we can by finding escape, and the fact that a lot of the time it might appear that the easiest way to do that is to shut the world out: whether that's from taking something heavy or cat fishing online to whatever vices you explore within the four walls of your own space, so as to tackle your demons. 'Paradise' is about the idea that if heaven and hell exist on earth, then finding your own heaven here in hell would be the greatest heaven of all."

Listen to "Paradise" below.

"Paradise" is available now on iTunes.

Lyves - Still

Lyves, otherwise known as the alias of London-based singer/songwriter and producer Francesca Bergami, has today unveiled her breathtaking new single called "Still". Written and produced in collaboration with JNTHN Stein, "Still" serves as the first offering in her upcoming Eight Rooms project, which is a unique eight part series of songs accompanied by striking short films – released once a month for the next eight months - intertwined via subtle connections that the viewer may only become aware of at a later date. Each video is an emotive and captivating close-up exploration of an intimate emotional theme, conveyed through a personal and profound story featuring a central protagonist.

Speaking of the project, Lyves says:

"I want this series to unravel emotions that are so often buried. Many of the emotions are representative of healing, and in turn, growing. By bringing them to light, I hope to illustrate how interconnected we are as humans and how universal emotions can be, no matter how different they may seem on the surface."

Listen to "Still" below.

"Still" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Earmilk.